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Health [ admin ]

Explore pressing global issues from mental health to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Health is much more than just an apple a day. On this page, you will find all the activities in our database that relate to health.

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Educational Games

  • Quintricious

    Little D wants to eat foods from all Five Food Groups to stay healthy. He needs to match foods from the same food group, but the foods are coming way too fast for him! Can You Help?

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  • Neuro-Ludus

    Neuro-Ludus is a Brain Training Game developed to enable youth and adults to improve their Information Processing Skills so that they can fully benefit from digital technology.

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  • Get Me to The Banquet

    Get Me to The Banquet
    Hurry! We're going to be late! King Henry is having a banquet and we have to bring the food! Can you help? Little D's Nutrition Expedition® nutrition program is designed for lower...

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